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Asphalt Sealing - East Brunswick, NJ

Over time the elements can do a lot of damage to your asphalt surface if proper maintenance isn’t done. Especially in this part of the country with it’s chilly, snowy winters and scorching hot summers. Regardless of where you live – either in East Brunswick or elsewhere in New Jersey we have the skills and expertise to make sure that your asphalt paved surface will look and feel like new when we our work is complete. We have a 30-year track record of providing a variety of concrete and paving services including asphalt sealing and repair.

Here in the U.S. 90% of driveways are made up of either asphalt or concrete and both will develop cracks and discoloration over time due to age and weather especially if they were not sealed to begin with. When water from snow or rain seeps through, it causes water to pool underneath it, which causes cracking, especially in climates where moisture freezes and thaws repeatedly. Our asphalt sealing process closes off those crack and prevents moisture from penetrating.

In addition to fixing the cracks we can completely transform the look of your asphalt surface using StreetPrint™, a trademarked process that makes your ordinary asphalt looking like any type of beautiful stone surface.

We have satisfied countless customers in New Jersey including East Brunswick with our superior craftsmanship and innovative approaches since we first opened our doors in 1983. Get in touch with us for a free estimate and let us help you make your ordinary asphalt and concrete extraordinary.

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